Spirit Walker : USA

logo2_animagemellaAnima Gemella : Italy

LOGO_website1Heel up : The Netherlands

7_LogoIoana Streza Contemporary jewellery : Romania

logo-AlexandruBurlacuAlexandru Burlacu – Contemporary Jewelry : Romania

65461_478399172287778_786052661_nCrystal Dream by Daiva : UK 


10415663_629305877155665_3961446398421863299_nMUDRA : Italy

logo Fedorami : Italy

image     JDK Bags and more : Italy

10471375_762406393809679_8079063551927218808_nTidestore : China


image1Marionasantpere : Spain

555412_311391545669747_765722632_nSIMO  : Egypt

imageOTAKI : Italy


One thought on “Collaborations

  1. Hey there, I’m Cameron! I’d like to start off saying I love your blog and style. I’m aspiring to be like you; I want to get my blog out there. I’m extremely interested in style and fashion (particularly menswear) and I love high end brands like Chanel. I’m also interested in traveling, music, and pop culture. I would love any tips or advice you have for me, or if you would like to collaborate together. I want to learn how to get ads on my site as well. My email is and thank you so much for your time!

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