A mix of 70’s and Russian style for MFW 2015

IMG_7537Even though Milan fashion week is over and right now it ‘s Paris fashion week but I still missing my wonderful day at Milan and it was the last day of Milan fashion week.

I decided to go with a mix of Russian and 70’s retro style. I recently love wearing vintage pieces like as my flared jeans and a pair of vintage sunglasses. Since the weather is still cold here and there was also a little wind and rain those day that is why I chose to wrap myself in the oversized coat (I found it from my mother in law’s closet) instead of a regular jacket or a thin coat.  No matter what style I am, I will always keep my style simple as much as I can because, all I need is a super comfortable outfit with everywhere.

However, the weather was perfect again when the sunshine came out in the afternoon. So, Let’s go to the top of the Duomo and and then let’s take a photo! 😀

I will be posting about street style from fashion bloggers, fashionistas, models where I took them photos by myself next post. Stay tuned!


Vintage sunglasses : H&M

Russian hat : from my local store

Oversized coat : From my mother in law’s closet

Flared jeans : Zara

Stripes top : From BKK, Thailand

Gold bangle : MUDRA

Rockstud bracelet: H&M

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Thanks for stopping by, Until next time.


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