Anima Gemella from Italy to France

IMG_4393-1Summertime is over and fall is right around the corner and this will be my first fall outfit post. I shot this outfit in Cannes when i went to France for holiday and celebrate my birthday last week. I was wearing top skirt set from Anima Gemella (fall/winter 2014-2015 collection) which is  an Italian brand, based in Italy. The pattern is very chic and the more is that the deep blue lace on black makes this outfit much more interesting. It represents Italian style very well. I also love the contrast between my outfit and the backdrop of the red carpet. Absolutely love this classy feminine yet stylish look. Do you?

Visit Anima Gemella‘s website at , Facebook here and Instagram here 

IMG_4375-1 IMG_4423-1IMG_4421-1IMG_4438IMG_4426-1IMG_4396-1

Lace top skirt set : Anima Gemella (Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection)

Sunglasses : Gucci

Watch : Emporio Armani

Shoes : Lumberjack

Bag    : Valerio


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