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In my previous post I’ve shared with you a Romanian contemporary jewelry designer, Alexandru Burlacu. This time I would like to recommend you another contemporary jewelry designer from the same country, Ioana Streza the onwer and designer of the brand Ioana Streza Contemporary  jewellery.

“For me contemporary jewelry is the ideal means of expressing thoughts and ideas, a dialogue with my inner self that continues uniquely with the person who chooses to wear my creation.

The creative process itself seems almost fantastic because it has the power to transpose me into another world different from the chaos and routine of the current society.

My jewelry always has a conceptual component, without which I think is lifeless”-  Ioana Streza

Each collection comes with an interesting concept and there are some collections combining different materials that I have never thought can go well together. Check out ANATONIMA collection, she has done it! She is so incredible! I think this is one of the best contemporary jewelry designers out there. Don’t you think so? I can say I’m in love with all her collections especially the 7 DEADLY SINS.  Let’s scroll down and see her amazing design and tell me which collection are you?


Concept: The collection is based on a simple, harmonious shape that generates expressive volumes – the triangle. By changing its proportions, the triangle can inspire passivity or aggression, transcendence or materiality, stability or balance. Through Angulum collection I explored this characteristic and I associated the shape with different materials, textures and colors. Thus the collection has as common ground the triangle and as variables silver, brass, pearls and acrylic.


1. Pearl Angulum ring – Materials: silver, brass, white pearl

2. Perl angulum ring – Materials: silver, brass, white pearl

3. Angulum Radiant Orchid ring – Materials: silver, acrylic, resin

4. Angulum multicolors ring – Materials: 925 silver, acrylic, resin

5. Bi_Angulum ring – Materials: silver, brass, white pearl

6.  Angulum Radiant Orchid earrings – Materials: silver, acrylic, resin

7.  Pink Angulum ring – Materials: 925 silver, acrylic, resin

8.  Angulum Pink Cube ring – Materials: 925 silver, acrylic, resin



Concept: Echilibrium (Balance) as the name suggests, is a collection for which I focused on the eurythmical blending of forms, volumes and textures. It is a collection that has changed constantly during the creative process seeking balance. Each piece was born from a sketch on paper but once it went in to the material and the three-dimensional, gained another shape being influenced by space and light.Untitled-4

1. Connect ring –  Materials: silver, paua shell

2. Ghost ring –  Materials: silver, citrine

3. Happy Black ring –  Materials: silver, black pearls

4. Happy White ring  – Materials: silver, white pearls

5. Balance ring – Materials: silver, enamel



Concept: Anatonima is a manifesto collection that explores the overused heart symbol associated with “kitch- love”

The heart shape has been used as a symbol of love since the Middle Ages, but became very prevalent since the nineteenth century with the popularization of St. Valentine and especially in 1977 when it was used in the slogan “I love New York”, replacing the verb “love”. Today the heart and heart shape has become an automatism for romantic love. The heart does not incite the imagination anymore although it may also be associated with life, knowledge, courage, passion, etc.

To create this collection, I returned to the initial element – the heart as an organ, as an anatomical structure and I assigned different symbolic stances other than romantic love.


1. Wanderlust Warm Heart  brooch – Materials: silver, copper

2. Wanderlust Cold Heart brooch – Materials: silver, oxidized copper, white pearl

3. Anatonima brooch – Materials: silver, gold plated brass, enamel

4. Heart of the Forest brooch – Materials: silver, copper, acrylic, pearl

5. Micronima – Materials: silver, gold plated brass, enamel

6. Dihotonima – Materials: argint 925, alama aurita, lapis lazuli

7. Heart of the Forest ring – Materials: argint 925, cupru, acrilic, perla

8. Introspection brooch – Materials: silver, brass



1_Ioana_Streza1. Avarice Ring2_Ioana_Streza2. Lust Ring3_Ioana_Streza3. Wrath Ring4_Ioana_Streza4. Envy Ring5_Ioana_Streza5. Gluttony Ring.6_Ioana_Streza6. Sloth Ring.7_Ioana_Streza7. Vanity Ring.

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46 thoughts on “Ioana Streza Contemporary jewellery

  1. Wow what striking pieces of jewelry, they almost look like works of art or sculptures. Very nice!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. Wow these are great collections! As I was just playing Bejeweled a couple of hours ago, the first set reminds me of that! I don’t know why.. maybe the colors and shapes? Anyway, I love them all!
    xo Olivia

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