Alexandru Burlacu – Contemporary Jewelry

Trying out new things is one of my favorite. Such as trying  new places, trying new foods, trying new shades, trying  new trends and of course trying new designs is one of my favorite as well.

I really want to share with you this post about contemporary jewelry design from a Romanian jewelry designer, Alexandru Burlacu. Two collections inspired by things that happened in Romania, each of them telling a story and each piece of the collection having it’s own design and story.

logo-AlexandruBurlacuAlexandru Burlacu

From my point of view, contemporary jewelry primarily means a solid concept, to support the creative process“- Alexandru Burlacu  the owner and designer of the brand.

THE DEAN’s  DECEMBER : The Dean’s December collection has its inspiration background in Saul Bellow’s novel. This novel is about contrast. describing the world of Chicago and Bucharest in the 70’S. The novel’s main character find it weird how people in Romania have to work things out even for the most basic things in their lives. In the same time, he is reflecting on the way things changed in Chicago. making a parallel between these two cities. In below’s novel, two worlds collide, but the main character somehow manages to meld in himself these two opposites.

When developing this collection, I have started from joining two different colors, silver and brass and silver and copper, to suggest the two worlds in Bellow’s novel. To further emphasize the gap between the two cities, I have also used different shapes: round pieces in silver and angular pieces in copper and brass. Given these two different approaches in metal, the two meld in one piece, like the world on contrasts the complete each other and meld in the novel’s main character.




The Musicals collectionBecause music goes well with jewelry. Supporting this thesys, I have developed a collection of rings inspired by different tunes, as follows:

Untitled-11. Judas Priest – Metal Gods : Materials: silver, patina, moonstone (Left)
2. Chris Rea – The Road to Hell : Materials: silver, patina, peridot (Middle)
3. Sade – Smooth Operator : Materials: silver, acrylic paint, amethyst (Right)
54.  Leonard Cohen – The Future : Materials: silver, iolite
25.  ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man : Materials: silver, patina, citrine
66. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing : Materials: silver, fools gold

 I’d really love to try these amazing  pieces out.  And you?

Check out Alexandru Burlacu’s portfolio on Facebook page here and on Instagram here

For orders and any inquiries,  send an email @



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