Sunday afternoon


The photos were taken on Sunday afternoon 2 weeks ago.  When there was sunshine but no rain when i took off my shirt  when i have to face the sun and when i bared some parts of my body.  Because it was hot outside.

IMG_1886-2IMG_1860-2IMG_1832-2IMG_1884-1    IMG_1920

Kiabi sunglasses | OVS denim shirt | Black crop top from street  market | H&M boyfriend jeans | Adidas sneakers


74 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon

  1. wow look at you … you are beautiful and i am soo jealous of you right now.. I mean seriously you look like you are 16 …. ❤ I am 22 and trust me it is true when it comes from me 😀 btw her did you check out my new YouTube Video ?????? 😀

    • Wow! Thank you so much Anu for such a beautiful commenting. I’m getting more old right now .-D I’ll turn 34 on this September. Oh noooo i really don’t want to think about it. 😦
      Btw, I checked out your video on youtube you are so nice and love your voice too. 😀

      • Omg … honestly no one would ever believe you if you tell them you are gonna turn 34 …. you look stunning 😀 btw I wanted to know your workout regime… please inbox me in fb … 😀 hey btw thank you so much you saw the video ❤

  2. Boyfriend jeans are always perfect, especially when you need a break from skinnies…
    and adore how you’ve styled yours with just the right amount of slouch…
    love your easy and effortless look!!~ xo

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