We were wearing : Thai traditional dresses


Hello all you guys. From the photos you will see my outfit is different from usually it is the outfit i wore in the last week for Loy Krathong Festival which is one of Thai’s traditional festivals. This is the Thai traditional dress that i am so glad and proud to wear it and show you and i think everyone will feels like me when they are wear Thai traditional outfit. For my outfit i just wrapped the silk shawl over one shoulder. The skirt designed and made by myself. It looks very normal but i feel happy with this outfit especially when all my friends told me that they love it. It makes me feel much more happy. What do you think? i would love to hear your opinion. Thank you.

IMG_9742 IMG_9743 IMG_9745 IMG_9723IMG_9732IMG_9749 IMG_9646IMG_9788 IMG_9819

OVS necklace | My own t-shist long sleeves | Silk shawl fromjatujak market (Bangkok ,Thailand) | Silk skirt made by myself | Mango Bracelet | Kwoman from Kiabi shoes

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21 thoughts on “We were wearing : Thai traditional dresses

  1. I love it, you look fantastic! I can’t believe you designed the skirt, the pattern is so lovely and it has a really nice shape to it. I really enjoyed this post, I’ve not seen thai traditional dress before! xx

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