Beach time before fall : Part 1


Hi all. After we finished our trip in Florence we headed to the sea. We took an hour by car to get to Forte dei Marmi which is located between Marina di Massa and Marina di Pietrasanta and it’s an area of Tuscany also known as Versilia. I know it’s too late for swimming in the sea or sunbathing in mid September we can just only walking on the beach because the weather was so cold and windy. However, I absolutely love here. Breathing fresh air from the sea and the mountain in the same time such a beautiful relaxing.

IMG_8451IMG_8491 IMG_8474 IMG_8463IMG_8814IMG_8792

Hat from souvenir shop in Florence | Gucci sunglasses | Dress from friend’s shop | Fox bag | Flip flop from Thailand

Thanks for stopping by…Enjoy your weekend.

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