Paris day 4


Hello all. Our last day of 4 days in Paris. We were woke up more late and after checked out the hotel. We made a lovely breakfast in the morning and we were ready to come back to Italy. Here is my travelling outfit that i get inspired by Parisian style. (It is similar to the outfit I wore in Paris day 2). I love the French fashion. I love the sense of their style, simplicity and minimalism with the neutral colors black, white, cream or grey which is exactly how I like to keep my wardrobe. However, I just hope to come back here again. The beautiful city, the city of fashion and more….

IMG_7855 IMG_7862 IMG_7864 IMG_7870 IMG_7873 IMG_7879

aW fedora | Shema striped top | Rayban sunglasses | Jennyfer jacket | Lumberjack shoes | H&M jeans

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